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Dividing Fractions

The meaning of divisionTo understand division of fractions, first, one must understand what division means; Division is basically separating numbers into groups of other numbers.

In other words,
The group number X The number of elements in each group = The divided number
Let’s look at the meaning of 24:6

The Square and Cube of a number

The square of a number / squaring numbers: The square of a number is the multiplication of a number with itself. Sometimes, the procedure is referred “Squaring Numbers” as well.  For Example:  \( \displaystyle 6.6=6^2 \)
 Read as: The square of 6 or 6 squared

\( \displaystyle 5.5=5^2 \)
Read as: The square of 5 or 5 squared

\( \displaystyle 11.11=11^2 \)
Read as: The square of 11 or 11 squared